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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adolescents Update

Well, I have spent most of my time posting over on another couple of blogs, but today I thought I'd best line this one back up and pay more attention to it. I haven't revisited the  blog since prior to the Winter 2012/2013 Tour with Youth Brigade. 

So, here I am, leaving a quick up date. 

The Adolescents are due to begin recording our next album the first week of April, the follow up to the EP "American Dogs in Europe." 

A tour of the northeast of the USA and a Canadian Festival are scheduled for early June, and a 5 week tour of Europe will follow in July through late August.

The Adolescents will be playing REBELLION FESTIVAL this year.

We sadly must share the loss of our brother BIG ROCK Chris Shaefer in December. We will miss him very much. I will pay the man his proper due when the time comes, but I have to share that it is still very hard for me to think about and discuss. It is still too fresh.

Steve and Dan will be on the road late June with CJ RAMONE, touring South America. Catch them if you get the chance, the band is great. 

Over and Out.