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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bodyguard by the English Dogs from March 2013

This Saturday I will be doing a kind of jam session in Las Vegas with abunch of super talented guys. I actually feel like I am misbooked because I consider most of them to be above an beyond me on a number of levels. These guys have played a bunch, and have put out so many great records that it is ridiculous. Among the musicians is James  Williamson of the StoogesCaptain Sensible and Pinch of the Damned (and who can forget Sensible's awesome Wot? single or Pinch's work with the English Dogs?), DH Peligro of the Dead KennedysKevin Seconds of 7 Seconds, Loren Molinare of the Dogs, and Zander Schloss who has put in time with the Weirdos and the Circle Jerks as well as solo stuff. There are a couple of other gentlemen putting in time, but I am not familiar with their work. From the calibre of the others, however, I am sure they are amazing, too.

Every Day this week I am going to highlight a great song by one of the bands these guys have rocked, and so the write up will be pretty much the same every day until next week. 

Bodyguard from the English Dogs album All the World's a Rage catches Pinch, the current Damned drummer, when he was absolutely on fire. This track is but one example. In my opinion, this album is the greatest performance ever by a punk rock drummer. Take a little listen.

I've Got a Gun

I´ve got a gun, I´ve got a gun, it´s to protect me
From anyone, from anyone, who has selected me
Here´s a barrel, here´s a barrel, for your inspection
Here´s the bullet, here´s the bullet, I´d gladly inject into you

I´ve got a gun, you know I´ve got a gun
I´ve got a gun, you know hasn´t everyone
I´ve got a gun, you know I´ve got a gun
I´ve got a gun, I´ll be my own body guard

If a child, if a child of ten can do it
Then a grown, then a grown up woman or man can do it
Whatever happens, whatever happens in this chain of events
My neightbourhood, my neightbourhood can get as rough as it wants to

No cause, no cause for alarm ´cos I´m loaded

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