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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mia Brandenburg: Ruckzuck by Kraftwerk Kraftwerk was one of the behemoths of electronic music, they were a Düsseldorf krautrock band. Composed of former Organisation members Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, later of Autobahn fame, and several other musicians who rotated in and out of the group's performances from 1970-74, most notably Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, who would leave to form krautrock group Neu!, a band that would prove to be influential to later musicians such as Joy Division, David Bowie, and Brian Eno. (Dinger plays drums on the live version of "Ruckzuck" included in this post.)

Compared to many of their experimental outings, "Ruckzuck" has the driving rhythms and repetition that would define Kraftwerk's foray into electronic music. With its mind-bendingly fast, staccato flute melody, Hammond organ, and strange, electronic warpings of sound, it is firmly a product of 60s psychedelia, but its fast beat and clever use of repeating melodies and themes points directly at later electronica and synthpop and back to the simple structure of the baroque period in Germany.

Studio Version

Live Version

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